Mad Gadget Tech

Tyco Visonic Powermaster PM10 Hex Kit

We are an honest, reliable Family run Security Tech Company based in Birmingham; with over 20 years’ experience of installing burglar alarms and CCTV systems 

As a burglar alarm & CCTV company, we can provide security protection for your home or business.

We are a Recommend Visonic Platinum Grade approved Installer

Mad Gadget Tech specialize in maintaining, repairing & upgrading Burglar Alarms & CCTV systems at home or at business properties

Not forgetting that we cover the whole of the west midlands & Birmingham.

It makes no difference if your burglar alarm or CCTV system has been installed by another company, but now has developed a fault or is an older alarm system. We can still repair or upgrade it

Therefore, from initial security survey, we can have your burglar alarm or cctv system fully fitted within 24 hours or same day

If you have had a burglar alarm system  or cctv system not fitted by us, where still able to repair or maintain the same system. We provide the latest security products to protect your home, office or business against burglars. 

Mad Gadget Tech LTD tailor makes your security systems that works for you, at an affordable prices or budget with a high level of aftercare services,

We provide exceptional quality of service, with excellent outstanding customer satisfaction, communications & recommendations after each job we do.